hot off the press!
23rd February 2018

This is a dispute between the Discovery network (who also own Eurosport) and the Sky corporation in Europe
(including UK, Germany, Italy etc...) and is around the cost of the services supplied by Discovery. The existing
contract between both parties was due to expire on 31st January and as yet has not been renewed

However as the Discovery and Eurosport brands are offered by most Satellite TV pay to view platforms throughout
the world, Sky would be putting its business at serious risk if the contract is not renewed. It sounds as if Mr
Murdock is trying to use his corporate might to bully  suppliers to reduce the costs of their services to maximise his
own profits??

Anyway, we will have to see what happens and on the strength of previous disputes that Mr Murdock has been
involved in anything could happen.

For updates please see the link below:

Sky Sports mix is available to all Sky customers who have the Entertainments pack and above. As far as can be
ascertained it offers different content than Eurosport such as cricket and rugby as well as mainstream sports.
The whole issue has been kept low key by Sky because of the likely detrimental effect it will have on Sky's
business should Discovery decide to remove its channels from the Sky platform completely.

Hope that this helps clarify the situation and obviously this will affect all of Sky UK's customers so watch this space

A foot note to this is that all discovery channels on the Sky UK platform transmitted in Standard Definition
(including Quest) have now been moved from the European Satellite Bea
m to the UK Spot beam which now
means these channels can no longer be received in Southern Europe and Greece.

However it is still possible to receive the Discovery
Channels transmitted in High Definition and also the + 1
Channels  transmitted in Standard Definition
, throughout Europe, transmitted on the Astra 2 Satellite Suite..